5 Reasons why I am bullish on the future of LBC

1.- LBRY is one of the most necessary pieces on the crypto industry

One of the core values of crypto is the idea of being censorship resistant, that is, free to dissent from a tyrant, free to form opinions that are against the status quo, free to pursuit the truth even if the state or powerful actors are against that. Freedom.

2.- The source code is on GitHub (and open source)

In the absolute worst case scenario in which the SEC forces the company LBRY INC. to shut down, the community can quickly take over the project, this makes the whole system more resilient to attacks.

3.- LBRY has a large community

LBRY has a very large community interacting through he desktop dapp and clients like Odysee, and what is more relevant, many of the users are not crypto savvy, which means that we get more exposure to the broader normie world and are less prone to be enclosed in a bubble. Wich makes the project more resilient against attacks in my opinion, since now you are attacking not only the crypto community, but also a portion of content creators with all sorts of interests and connections.

4.- Most of the trading volume comes from Asia

Even if the united states decides to reject innovation and crypto tech, the world will move on, and users from Asia seem to get the value proposition of LBRY, which makes it resilient to an external attack.

5.- Conversation about DEXES have started

Many people are understandable scared by the prospect of being stuck with a coin that cannot be bought or sold, however, this problem could be resolved relatively easy, by creating a wrapped token of LBC -non custodial- and trade the wrapped token on uniswap and pancake swap.



Crypto maximalist. Receive 20 to 40 LBC for free when joining LBRY here: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@Cryptolohy:d

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