Crypto Agnostic Platforms are the future (The example of Publish0x)

4 min readApr 30, 2021

Some days ago I received the biggest crypto airdrop in my life.
It was a ton of money, specially when converted to Mexican pesos, which is the currency I use on a daily basis.

I have to say, this outcome was highly unexpected, since it now means that Publish0x, a centralized crypto blogging platform has been my most profitable source of income, which makes me reflect on the causes of this. What did Publish0x did to make me so much money? And what other platforms can do in order to produce similar effects to their users? Lets take a look.
But first, lets start at the beginning.

What is Publish0x?

The Publish0x team describe itself as follows:

“Welcome to Publish 0x! we are a “crypto powered blogging platform”, we are not the first but we will be the biggest, and we have a few unique quirks, but first, the most important question; How do you pronounce 0x? Well, actually the 0x is silent, we are Publish! (…)

The easiest way to explain Publish0x is that Publish0x is a crypto agnostic publishing platform similar to Medium, where both author and reader earn different tokens.”


What does Publish0x does different?

Unlike other crypto blogging platforms, it is neither married with any token, not an issuer of a coin, which means that they can be extremely flexible and unapologetic about which coins they give you as a reward, for instance, they have dumped coins out of their rewards system more than once, making them more agile to catch trends.
Conversely, they have quickly integrated cutting edge coins that have resulted in an overall extreme ROI for their userbase (both the writers and readers) which leads me to my next point.

Origin of the Airdrop

The airdrop in question was for the governance token of the Ampleforth community, called FORTH.

Now, what did I do to qualify for this airdrop? Well, I wrote articles on publish0x and at some point got paid on AMPL tokens, and I think just once made a withdrawal of those tokens to my metamask. That’s it.

I didn’t even interacted with the Ampleforth smart contract since at the time It was already too expensive, and I just have 5 dollars worth of $ampl.
Funny how crypto works isn’t ir?

You could say, that perhaps even if I didn’t write for Publish0x I could have gotten the airdrop, but on the contrary, I would not had obtained this airdrop by myself since, although I was aware of the ampleforth project, it was not part of my priorities, so this was definitely a time were being on publish0x directly impacted the outcome of my portfolio in a very positive way.

For Other Projects: Follow Publish0x’s example

Success proves concepts, everyone has their own theories and ideas on how reality should function, but at the end of the day, what counts is what actually functions, whatever works.
To get a ton of money for your users at no cost for you, due to the flexibility that affords you being a crypto agnostic platform is huge. Is an interesting idea.
And since this airdrop touched my wallet, is now settled. This model works, and works great.

Other projects should follow, otherwise they will miss out.

It Is Already Happening

Decentralized crypto agnostic projects are already starting to appear, a good example of this is LeoFinance, who runs on the Hive blockchain, has its own layer token (leotoken) has launched an ERC 20 token of leotoken on ethereum, and also has the project named cubfinance on the Binance smart chain, that among other thinks, it has a mechanism to burn leotokens. That’s 3 blockchain under one brand. Impressive if you ask me, and I am a fan and an investor.

However, even though I like this project very much, I still see publish0x as more crypto agnostic at least as far the rewards go, since they have no hard attachment to any coin they list (as far as I know) while leofinance is incentivized to promote its own coins over other projects, even if they think other projects are better than themselves.
However, a fully decentralized crypto platform that is highly crypto agnostic could be a huge deal, since it would be flexible and able to cut ties with coins that do not perform well on key metrics.

Just imagine a crypto project integrated on 10 blockchains.


Crypto agnostic platforms work, Publidh0x has demonstrated the theory as something real and tangible.

And,… Thank you publish0x to get me that big airdrop!

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