If Cryptos Were Animals

The following article is made mostly for fun, but I think it might also help to convey interesting information to a newbie in a friendly and easy way.

So, without further ado, let’s begin


I imagine the oldest and most resilient crypto being represented by an old elephant, especially since it dominates the majority of the market.


Ethereum is one of the most prolific sponsors of tokens, and that’s why I think is fitting its representation as a mother with kittens,… each kitten is an ERC-20 Token,… according to this source, there are 200k ERC-20 tokens.


XRP price is very tiny -in price-, and recently going downward, and at the same time is very fast for payments, so a speedy insect could do it, however, because many retail investors are being destroyed by the massive amount of XRP dump every quarter, a blood-sucking insect could be a better fit.

Bitcoin cash

Chameleon’s are famous to be able to replicate the look of other animals or background nearby, just like Bitcoin Cash always trying to appear as the “real bitcoin” in this picture, the horns add more precision to the maliciousness of that behavior, and even the green color suits the BCH brand.


A venomous snake that hides on a desert, a fitting representation IMO


A turtle due to almost zero development (therefore, slow-moving)

However, since it is just copying the development of Bitcoin, then it could be argued that is a turtle riding on international water currents.


Pufferfish,.. puffing up the price of Bitcoin.





BAT, through the Brave Browser, is all about commanding attention, so I think is fitting to represent it like a peacock.

What do you think? did I leave an interesting coin behind? post a comment so that I can do part 2.

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