Interact with these Ethereum smart contracts ASAP

2 min readApr 15, 2021

According to bitcoin wiki, a smart contract is defined as follows:

“Smart contract (also self-executing contract, blockchain contract, or digital contract) is an electronic algorithm intended for the automation of the contract execution process in the blockchain. The general idea of smart contracts is to exclude divergences in the treatment of the agreement terms by the entered parties.”

Ethereum was the first project to apply this ingenious idea, and they became a smashing success, first wiuth programmable money (ERC-20 Tokens) and then with dapps and utility software that lives within the ethereum blockchain.

Now, since the uniswap airdrop many dapps have considered more seriously creating a governance token, which I think would occur eventually with most dapps, and that is why you need to interact with many of these smart contracts as soon as possible.

The following is a list of dapps or projects who might launch a token in the future, I took it from chico crypto, who took it from someone in reedit.

Metamask: Just do a swap in your metamask account.

Now that you know, go and interact with those things, and let me a comment with your point of view.

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