Nuggets of Crypto Insight, #1

2 min readApr 23, 2021

Welcome to this new section/category within my content, titled “nuggets of insight” in this series I will highlight some tweets made either by me or other crypto influencers that in my opinion deserve a wider cross-platform distribution.

I don’t know how often I will do this series or for how long, but as long as good, distilled and quick insight is shared on crypto-twitter, or crypto-reddit, I would continue doing this.

All these insights and many more can be found on my profile:

This is like a podcast in reverse, instead of spending 2 hours disecting an issue, I will share with you some quick bites of useful data.

Alright, let’s do it, I will quote the insight and link to the link:

“Centralized money is like cloud computing. It’s convenient, but not really yours.”

“If the Bitcoin price rises to ver 1 million USD, that would give ~100k bitcoiners “ultra high networth individual” status (+50M). With worlwide ultra high networth individuals projected at only ~200k by 2022, this means the Bitcoin 1% could by then make up 30%-50% of the world’s financial elites. #Disruption

Tuur Demeester Little conversation on twitter:

“Leoncio: if you buy BTC and hold it in your ledger that’s not adoption. Adoption is using BTC as means of payment, wealth transfer, savings and so on.

Willy Woo: When holding BTC you are using it. You are using its economic properties as an uncorrelated, high growth, safe haven asset.

The majority of gold gets extracted from the ground, shaped into bars, all to be locked up into vaults. A kid would say “Dad, why aren’t they using it?”

“Wow, @LBRYio allows you to update and re-upload your video without losing your comments or views! An amazing ability that creators have been asking for Youtube for a decade.”

“Chad Garlinchouse has to dump ripple on u continually to make money

so he can market ripple to banks for below market cost

so those banks can dump on u

the use case of ripple is pretty much dumping on u lol”


“Selling anything at a price the goverment doesn’t like:

High price: “Price Gouging!”

Low price: “Dumping!”

Same price: “Collusion!”

What do you think of these insights?, did you like them? let me know in the comments down below.

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